Catholic Community & Belonging


Holy Family embraces a commitment to diversity and strives to ensure a sense of belonging and inclusion for all members of our community. We believe the ideal learning environment is one that recognizes and celebrates the unique story of every individual, allowing their perspectives to be valued, their needs to be supported, and their voices to be heard. We strive to build and nurture a faith-filled culture that reflects the communities we serve.

Our school community welcomes the histories, backgrounds, and identities of all our members, and we believe their shared experiences, in and out of the classroom, inspire meaningful relationships and mutual respect that enrich our school life. 

Our students come together and develop lifelong cross-cultural skills that they need to lead ethical, compassionate, and successful lives. By learning these skills and expanding their minds and hearts, our Tigers are prepared to be the next generation of Catholic leaders who will creatively and empathetically work towards a more just and equitable world.

The Holy Family faculty participates in ongoing professional development to build cultural competency skills, enhance their understanding of diverse perspectives, and enrich their own philosophy.

We commit ourselves to forming a welcoming, secure and healthy community that fosters acceptance, celebrates differences, and promotes respect for each of our students and their families.