History & Tradition

Reverend Cornelius O’Farrell, pastor of Holy Family parish from 1919 to 1923 began building a school on the south side of the church located at the southeast corner of west 44th Avenue and Utica Street in north Denver. The grade school was opened September 1920 by five Sisters of Loretto. The basement auditorium of this fast-growing school was partitioned in 1922 to create a ninth-grade classroom. Thirty students enrolled, inaugurating what has become Holy Family High School.

Holy Family High School graduated the first class of ten young men and women in 1926. In 1999, Holy Family was formally incorporated and to facilitate a much needed expansion, moved from north Denver to our new home in Broomfield.

Holy Family High School is a community of parents, faculty and staff, administrators, students, alumni, and friends - all striving together to accomplish a common purpose: to build a faith-filled community dedicated to excellence in education of the whole person: Spirit, Mind, and Body.

100 Years of Holy Family High School