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Holy Family’s College Counseling Office is an extension of our academic program. The College Counseling Center is committed to supporting students and families throughout a comprehensive and individualized college search and application process. We help students identify colleges that best match their interests and ambitions. 

98% of our graduates attend a two- or four-year college or university, but more important than percentages is the fit that Holy Family strives to achieve for each individual student. With three full-time college counselors, the College Counseling Center serves as a vital, personal, and individually tailored resource for students and families.

Step by step, from the initial college search to the taking of standardized tests, writing of the application essay and the final college choice, our students enjoy the benefit of having a seasoned team of college counselors on their side.

Student Responsibility and Self-Growth

We believe students should take ownership of their college search as passionately as they do their studies and activities, but at Holy Family, you will do so with the full support of the College Counseling staff.

The college application process offers an important opportunity for students to build confidence and competence – two important traits colleges look for in successful applicants. We believe that the college search, application, and decision-making process should be student-focused, incorporating the Holy Family mission of demanding responsibility and encouraging self-growth.

College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.

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Jacquie Phillips
College Counseling Dept. Chairperson
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College Counselor
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College Counselor
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