Holy Family High School

Accepting Applications for Transfer students for 2018-19 School Year! 

Transfer Students


The Admissions Process For Transfer Students



Holy Family High School is currently accepting transfer students for the 2018-2019 school year!  




Students who wish to transfer to Holy Family High School must do so at the beginning of each semester. Holy Family does not admit students entering their Senior year unless they have already been attending a Catholic high school.

A student who seeks to transfer must:
  • Have at least a 2.0 GPA and be in good disciplinary standing at their present school.
  • No Failing Classes
  • Have a favorable discipline and attendance check, which are conducted with school officials at previous school(s).
  • Complete an Application form:  Complete An Application Form.
  • Have official copies of all transcripts of high school credits forwarded to Holy Family High School:   Transcript Request Form 
  • Submit a Assessment form for English, Math AND from a School Administrator/Counselor:
  • Write an essay about why they would like to attend Holy Family High School. 
  • Have all medical, immunization, academic, and attendance records transferred from the previous school to Holy Family High School upon acceptance.
  • Have CHSAA form #7 completed by all transfer students wishing to participate in athletics.
Admissions Process
  • The admission process begins with completing the Application for Admission, which includes an essay by the student stating their reason for wanting to attend Holy Family High School.
  • Submit the Teacher Recommendation Forms to two of your teachers and the school administrator/counselor,  along with a stamped envelope. Ask the teachers to mail or fax it directly to Holy Family High School. 
  • Submit the completed and signed Transcript Request Form to your current school. Holy Family High School must receive transcripts for the current school year, plus the previous two years directly from your school. 
  • The Admissions Committee considers each applicants grades, teacher and Administrator recommendations, student essay, and test scores before determining if Holy Family is the most appropriate school for each applicant. 
  • An interview with the transfer student will be arranged if the review of transcripts indicates that the student would be able to fit successfully into the academic programs offered by Holy Family High School.
  • Accepted Transfer students will be placed on Academic Probation. Transfers students could also be placed on Behavioral and/or Attendance Probationary Contracts.