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Naviance Student

Holy Family High School is pleased to introduce Naviance Student, a comprehensive college and career readiness resource that helps students and their families align strengths and interests to post-secondary goals. Naviance Student allows individuals to:


  • Discover individual strengths and learning styles
  • Take career assessments and explore careers
  • Get involved in the college planning and advising process – build a resume, complete on-line surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers
  • Plan for post-secondary success—Set short and long term goals and complete tasks related to career and college planning
  • Research colleges – Utilize college search engines to create a customized list of schools for you to consider
  • Sign up for college visits – Find out which colleges are visiting our school and sign up to attend those sessions
  • Request teacher recommendations for colleges
  • Request transcripts
  • View submission status of application materials/track application documents
Naviance Student will be used by all enrolled students at HF with each grade level using the resource in different, but interconnected ways. Students and their families are encouraged to explore Naviance Student to inform and enrich their high school experience. Be sure to also review the College Planning timeline to learn more about how Naviance Student will be used each grade level. Watch this video for an overview of this new resource.
NOTE: Student's login credentials differ from that of their parents and/or legal guardians. Parents and/or guardians have view-only access. Parents do not have the full functionality that is available under the student's account. Parents and/or legal guardians will not be able to "match" their student's Common Application account with the Naviance Student account from the parent's login credentials. Parents/legal guardians will also be unable to add schools to the "Colleges I am applying to" list or request transcripts under their login credentials. 


Student and families should navigate to Naviance.com and click on sign in and then students and families to access their account. If prompted the zipcode is 80023. For students,  their username is their HFtiger email address and their password is their student ID number without the 1234 prefix. To ensure privacy, students are encouraged to change their password after initial login.


A Naviance Student account has also been created for parents/guardians. Registration details have been sent by email to the address that was provided in PowerSchool.
Forgot your password? Click on the link "forgot your password?"
NOTE: Student's login credentials differ from that of their parents and/or legal guardians. Parents and/or guardians have view-only access. Parents an/or legal guardians do not have the full functionality that is available under the student's account. Parents and/or legal guardians will be able to edit personal and demographic information, email address, username/password, add a college to their student's "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list. Parents and/or legal guardians will not be able to "match" their student's Common Application account, add to the student's "Colleges I'm Applying To" list or request transcripts  from the parent's and/or legal guardian's Naviance Student login credentials. 

If you or your parent/guardian have questions or encounter issues while using Naviance Student, please contact Kelly Fabian at Kelly.fabian@holyfamilyhs.com for assistance. 



Once you've logged onto your Naviance Student account take time to familiarize yourself with its available features and resources.  Naviance Student is intended to enrich and inform conversations that your student has with their college counselor and teachers; it is not meant to replace this valuable interaction.


Main Page

A great jumping off point to everything that Naviance Student has to offer. Consider this a one stop shop for all the important news, tasks, and updates that one needs to know.  It is on this page that students can immediately view their to-do lists, upcoming college visits and fairs, and handy resources to help them along the way.

  1. Important To-Dos and Tasks: Not sure what you need to do next for your college search? Check here for tasks assigned to you by your college counselor. You may even sent tasks and reminders for yourself to stay on track with your goals. 
  2. My Favorites: Quick links to the features you will use most in Naviance Student.
  3. What's New: Complete list of upcoming college visits and fairs. 
  4. From My School: A collection of the most referenced and used resources shared by the college counseling including Naviance Student User Guides!

Colleges Tab

Big or small? Private or public? In-state or out-of-state? City or small town? There is a lot to consider when finding that "right fit" campus. Whether your a freshman or a senior, the college tab is an invaluable resource to use when searching and comparing campuses. Seniors will indicate which schools they are applying to in order to aid the efforts of their college counselor, while freshmen, sophomores, juniors will create a "wishlist" of colleges they are thinking about applying to with the goal of refining that list down ahead of the start of their senior year.  

  1. SuperMatch College Search: You can enter criteria such as location, cost, size, and majors to create a list of potential colleges. You can edit your search and list at any time.
  2. College Lookup: You can look up a specific college and quick reference admissions requirements including average GPA and test scores, cost, majors, extracurricular activities, etc. 
  3. My Colleges: Once you’ve researched colleges, you can create a list of colleges that you are interested in and ones you are applying to. If one of these colleges visits HF, you will receive an email to sign up for the session. 
  4. Transcripts/Recommendations: All seniors will request their transcript and letters of recommendation through their Naviance Student. Keep in mind, you are requesting the transcript and recommendation, not sending it. Your college counselor will send the transcript after you request it.  

Career Tab

Discerning a vocation is no small task and a fair amount of self-discovery is necessary. Naviance Student is a great jumping off point thanks to a variety of assessments to help guide a student in their post-graduation plans.  
  1. Do What You Are: a personality assessment based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  2. Career Interest Profiler: this assessment surveys what specific careers a student might like to pursue.
  3. Cluster Finder : this assessment pinpoints career "clusters" that are a match for students' interests.
  4. Strengths Explorer: identifies a student's top 3 "Themes" or areas of natural talent, and what careers match those themes.
  5. MI Advantage:  Research indicates that there are many unique areas of intelligence, and this survey explores a student's "Multiple Intelligences."
  6. Learning Style Inventory: Though not specifically career-based, this assessment gives students information on how he or she best studies, and how to make learning easier and more enjoyable.

About Me Tab

A rich bank of information for college applications curated by the student themselves. This tab provides information to enrich conversations with one's college counselor, teachers, and parents as he or she navigates high school. Later during one's senior year when they are asked to drawn upon experiences to compose a personal statement or recollect extra-curricular activities, the tools indicated under this tab will aid in these tasks.

  1. My Resume: Input your activities and accomplishments from high school on this link.  It will format a resume for you and allow you to print at a moment’s notice. Also, counselors and teachers have access to your resume if you’ve completed it.
  2. Surveys: On the left hand side of the page are surveys that will inform conferences with your college counselor and letters of recommendation. 
  3. Journal:  A space to capture thoughts on topics for college essays/personal statements, first impressions taken from college visits-- really anything! By default, the student is the only person who can read their journal entries but they are able to grant access to counselors, parents, and teachers if they choose!
  4. Documents Shared with Me: An electronic folder containing documents that are pertinent to one's post-graduation goals including printable copies of surveys and college counseling handouts. 
How do I create a Naviance Student Account?
An account has already been created for each student enrolled at Holy Family and their parent(s). Students username is their HFtigers email address and their password is their student ID# without the 1234 prefix. Parents received an email with their login credentials. 
I am having trouble logging into Naviance Student. Who do I contact?
Please contact the college counselor that you are working with to resolve this issue. 
How do I or my parents get started with Naviance Student?
Every enrolled student and their parents have been given a Naviance Student account. Below are quick reference guides for students and parents to review to help make the most of the tools presented by Naviance Student. For on-demand guided support, please review the reference guide: "Naviance Student Show Me How."
The information in the About Me section is not correct and I cannot make edits in Naviance Student. What should I do?
Information in the About Me section is populated from information contained within PowerSchool. To correct or update information, please contact our administrative offices.
I forgot my password. How can I have it reset?
Students and parents and/or legal guardians have the ability to reset their Naviance Student password. On the login page click on the link titled "Forgot your password?"  then enter the email that is registered in Naviance Student. 
How do I match my Common Application and Naviance Student Account?
In addition to the user guide found below and in one's Naviance Student account (found under useful links), students can view this step-by-step video tutorial
I am having trouble "matching" my Common Application to my Naviance Student account. How can I complete this task?
1) Be sure you are entering the email address that you used to create your Common Application account when completing the matching screen in Naviance Student. The email address that you use for your Common Application account can differ from your Naviance Student account (they do not have to be the same). 2) Remember that matching can only be completed through the student's login credentials for Naviance Student While parents have some ability to make edits, they do not have the same permissions as their student. In short, matching can only be completed under the student's login credentials.
The schools that I am applying to do not use the Common Application. Can I still use Naviance Student?
Absolutely! Naviance Student is partnered with Parchment and this allows for your transcripts and letters of recommendation to be sent electronically to the schools you are applying to by your college counselor. You can also disregard the task of "matching" the Common Application to Naviance Student. 
While I can add to my student's list of "Colleges I Am Thinking About" I am unable to add to their list of "Colleges Applying To". Can this be resolved? 
Students and their parents each have their own login credentials for Naviance Student and these accounts have different permissions and functionality. While students have the ability to add colleges to both lists (applying to and thinking about), parents are only able to add to the "Colleges Applying To" list.
I need to send my transcript to a college or to the NCAA. How can I request my transcript in Naviance Student?
For step-by-step instructions on how to request transcripts, login to your Naviance Student account. Once logged in, you will see a "Show Me How" badge in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Click on that badge. Then click Colleges --> Prepare College Applications-->Request a Transcript. There is also a reference guide with screen shots below to help you navigate to this on-demand guide. Please note that parents are not able to submit a transcript request through their parent login credentials. Transcript requests can only be submitted under the student's Naviance Student login credentials. 
I'm not a senior, can I use Naviance Student?
All students regardless of grade level have been given Naviance Student accounts. Username is Holy Family email address and password is student ID number (without the 1234 prefix).
Naviance Student is used throughout one's career at Holy Family. As freshmen, students will complete surveys through Naviance Student that will help their school counselor understand how to best support them in their first year of high school. As students progress through their high school career, Naviance Student offers assessments for understanding one's learning style, strengths, and career interests. These tools are in addition to the college search and scholarship resources available through Naviance Student. It is strongly recommended that students familiarize themselves with Naviance Student and the various tools including the resume builder and journal in order to be organized and prepared to apply for college their senior year. 
Is the information about colleges noted on Naviance Student 100% accurate?
Not always. You should always verify crucial information, such as admission due dates or college cost on the colleges’ websites.

How do I find information for a specific college or university?
After logging into Naviance Student, click on the Colleges tab. In the search for colleges field, enter the college or university’s name.
An overview highlighting tools and resources contained within Naviance Student. Perfect for all grades to use to begin their career and college search!