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Learning Services

Learning Services Program

The Learning Services Program at Holy Family High School is designed to maintain the dignity and uniqueness of individuals with learning differences. This program supports students with specific learning disabilities, so they may work toward their academic potential. These diagnosed learning differences include reading disorders, math disorders, disorders of written expression, ADHD, and physical disabilities. Psychological disabilities, such as anxiety or depression, are addressed through the counseling department and sometimes through private counseling. Anxiety toward testing, while impactful, is not accommodated through the Learning Services Office. Students who are intrinsically motivated and committed to improving organizational, self-advocacy, and communication skills are the most likely to be successful in the program. We may choose to provide limited classroom accommodations.

In order for students to enter the learning services program, we may ask them to provide a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment conducted by a licensed psychologist within the last three years and commit to be re-evaluated when the current evaluations expires. This evaluation must include a statement of the specific learning disability and how it affects the student. A disability code as specified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV or V) is preferred. The evaluation should also include complete results from comprehensive cognitive testing, achievement testing, and other measures on which the diagnosis is based as well as recommended school accommodations for the student. For further information regarding the Learning Services Program, please contact the program coordinator.

Holy Family has a history and willingness to assist students with special needs by employing various learning and instructional strategies to meet their needs whenever possible. However, our academic standards will not be altered because of a request made by a psychologist, psychiatrist, educational specialist, outside counselor, etc. HFHS is not bound by student IEPs, nor are we obligated by the terms of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).