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The Theology Department presents and models to the student a Christian way of life and a Catholic way of seeing and being in the world around them. The courses are structured to present an overview of Catholic teaching while engaging real world applications for those teachings. We recognize that the Catholic faith is taught by the parents who are the student’s first teachers. We seek to add to and strengthen the students’ understanding of the Catholic faith. We believe that Jesus Christ is the primary Teacher for our students and faculty; and as members of His baptized family, we are called to model Him to the world. The Theology Department is structured to provide students with a four-year comprehensive education in Catholic Theology. The overall goal of the Department is to have students understand their faith, practice their beliefs and, most importantly, grow closer to Jesus Christ as they mature into young adults.

“Through our efforts, guidance, and delivery of curricular objectives, each student will be able”:
  • To live an active faith life by participating in opportunities, such as: daily prayer, participation with their families in their parish, outside reading of Scripture and Church documents; and to deepen their faith and vocation choice consistent with their Christian calling.
  • To realize the connection between their faith and community service by participating in various community service projects all four years of their Theology curriculum. Completion of the projects will include oral and written assessments.
  • To understand the fundamental Catholic teachings in Sacraments, Scripture, Morality, Social Justice, Human Sexuality and Church History by following the guidelines set forth by the Denver Archdiocesan Curriculum guide and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • To foster a commitment to be active in their faith and a love for the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To effectively communicate their understanding of the Catholic faith both in oral and written form.
See the Course Description Booklet for more details.