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English Language Arts

The English and Language Arts Department is dedicated to providing a quality education by fostering a Catholic learning environment that enhances our students’ growth in knowledge and in Gospel values through the experience of literature and effective communication.

“Through our efforts, guidance, and delivery of curricular objectives, each student will be able”:
  • To strengthen their current level of skill in writing and oral communication.
  • To develop competence in language skills in order to communicate openly and effectively.
  • To develop proficiency in written communication using various forms of writing such as research, essays, and creative writing.
  • To experience new and effective methods of learning about literature through analytical reading, through the use of the textbook, movies, audiotapes, guest speakers, and discussions.
  • To appreciate the contributions of literary artists to our society.
  • To deepen their understanding and appreciation of other cultures through the study of literature; and develop awareness and sensitivity to the diversity in our society.
  • To learn more about people, including those in their own classrooms and communities, and also those of other cultures, places and times.
  • To appreciate and enjoy the widening scope of literature and the language in which it is communicated.
See the Course Description Booklet for more details.