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Fine, Practical & Performing Arts

Fine, Practical and Performing Arts
The Fine, Practical, and Performing Arts Department work together as a team to provide leadership and to promote student excellence in areas of creativity specific to human and spiritual growth. Students need and are encouraged to express themselves. We continually apply our Holy Family mission through creative endeavor. Our fine arts staff is dedicated to the goal of accomplishing a well-rounded and complete individual through the practice of art, music, theatre and crafts. Academic excellence through fine arts aims to enhance a deep respect for all disciplines; and the role of arts in academic success has been proven in studies and research, including higher SAT scores for students with arts education.
“Through our efforts, guidance, and delivery of curricular objectives, each student will be able”:
  • To improve eye/hand coordination in the student.
  • To create and tie in art, theatre and music through history.
  • To develop a sense of design.
  • To gain self-confidence and explore their own humanity.
  • To provide a positive outlet for self-expression.
  • To develop teamwork and support in ensemble work.
  • To communicate the understanding of art through both performance skills and writing skills.
  • To give the student skills that will carry over to a career or college experience.
  • To show possible futures in the art world.
  • To show student paths toward success through fine arts as a profession and as a discerning audience member.
  • To encourage cultural participation in art, theatre and music by attending exhibits, concerts and shows and by learning from watching and listening to others.
  • To show student work through exhibits, competitions, concerts, plays and other venues..