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Social Science

Based on the values of Jesus Christ, the aim of the social studies program is to assist the student in the development of an understanding of the institution and functioning of human society, and the interpersonal relationships of individuals as members of the society. A strong emphasis is placed on creating and fostering mutual respect for diverse view points throughout our society, the world at large, and all worlds yet unvisited. Through analysis of various societies, past and present, the student develops a fuller understanding of his/her own role in the world and what he or she can do to help shape a desirable future, for himself/herself, and for society. An essential requirement for achieving this goal is that the student learns how to analyze issues and express him or herself clearly.

“Through our efforts, guidance, and delivery of curricular objectives, each student will be able”:

  • To model the ethical teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • To develop the ability to think analytically.
  • To understand that societies are diverse, complex entities that change over time.
  • To know how to use maps, globes and other geographic tools to locate and derive information about people, places and environments.
  • To understand how economic, political, cultural, and social processes interact to shape patterns of human populations, interdependence, conflict and cooperation.
  • To apply knowledge of people, places and environments to other aspects of their education and of life.
  • To understand the past, present, and plan(s) for the future. This is a matter of interpretation – is the student creating a plan for the future or is the student studying existing plans for the future?
  • To know how to use various processes and resources of historical inquiry.
  • To develop the ability to weigh evidence and reach conclusions as a basis of facts, not prejudices.
  • To explain oneself orally and in writing with clarity and precision.
  • To have ethical behavior instilled, reinforced and affirmed.
  • To take significant steps toward finding the meaning of life.