Visual Arts

Students are encouraged to develop and discover new skills, take pride in their creations and acquire a respect and appreciation for the work of their peers and other designers and artists.

Visual arts offerings cover a range of traditional fine arts such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, and a variety of crafts-based arts. Students gain hands-on experience with the various media and modes of representation that characterize the visual arts.

Students of all skill levels participate in the arts at Holy Family. Some go on to college as art majors, some just want a creative outlet for self-expression. A majority find new skills they never thought they had.

The Visual Arts Program offers a wide range of options for the beginner and the advanced student. 

Elective Courses include:Drawing
Wood Crafts
Leather Crafts
Jewelry Making
Stained Glass Craft
Computer Graphics
Digital Photography
Honors Studio Art I, II or III