Christmas Tree & Wreath Fundraiser

For 38 years, the Holy Family High School community has supported the Fund for Holy Family through the annual Christmas Tree & Wreath Fundraiser. Every year we've asked our community to:

  • Purchase Christmas trees & wreaths through this campaign (40% of funds going directly to Fund for Holy Family)
  • Make a direct donation to the Fund for Holy Family (100% of funds going directly to Fund for Holy Family)
  • Or both!

The Fund for Holy Family is the lifeblood of our school and exists to improve our students' overall Holy Family experience. Every year, it provides vital resources that enable the school to sustain the hallmarks of a Holy Family education, including mission, an outstanding teaching faculty, and facilities and programs that allow students to achieve at their highest level.

Whichever way you support the Fund for Holy Family, your gift provides a steady stream of discretionary income, allowing Holy Family High School the ability to provide the best education possible for our young men and women.