Dress Code

Holy Family’s dress code is designed to reinforce neatness, professionalism, responsibility and is a reflection of the importance of academic endeavors and school tradition.

There will be a couple of modifications to Holy Family's Dress Code Policy for the upcoming 2024-25 academic year. After careful consideration, we have removed hoodies from the approved dress code. In addition, colored jeans are no longer allowed. Hoodies and colored jeans will only be allowed on Spirit Days.

  • Two approved vendors for dress code-compliant clothing are a newly created store from Gemini Imprints and Dennis Uniform. All Holy Family items sold on these sites are dress code-approved for daily wear. Though the BSN Sideline store has many customizable options, it is a fan site, and most of the items sold in this store are not dress code-approved.
  • The Holy Family dress code allows for a successful educational environment and prepares students for future life experiences.
  • The Holy Family dress code gives students many options in clothing colors and styles while maintaining comfort and decency. 
  • School and PE Uniforms and spirit wear may be purchased online.
  • Spirit days are offered throughout the school year and provide an opportunity for students to further individualize their look.  Students may wear Holy Family t-shirts, sweatshirts, or letter jackets, on which a Holy Family Spirit Logo is visible.

2022-23 Dress Code Policy